Hi and welcome to my blog!!

I am in my 40’s and have had multiple skin issues  half my life also including aging. I i realized through my own trial and error what works and what just seemed to be hype!  I like to see myself as someone that really looks at things from as many angles as possible. I  Thought it would be important to be able to offer information to those looking for the answers to the same questions many woman between the ages of 35-65 ask. I buy quite a variety of brands from clothing , skincare, makeup , all various price points. I will be writing reviews of my personal experiences, reviews and views. I am looking to start a youtube channel offering a more intimate way of communicating. I would love feedback on some ideas and questions you may have! I try my best to do research on the product and use in my own trials and post my reviews, tutorials on products with before and afters. I look forward in taking this as far as we can go! Its great to get read and share real reviews with real people who really care and understand what you are going through ! My goal , I have been working on and I am very passionate about is to become a make up artist who mainly works with people with major hurdles in life whether it was illness or accident , stress or age that has made them become self conscious .I am also quite passionate about self acceptance,  health and wellness! I will be exploring and sharing with you my personal journey as well ! My life has bee full of many challenges and I want to help people feel inspired! I want to help people feel good about themselves again and gain confidence.  We can explore together loving yourself from the inside out!