Miss Blanco Joyful Box

November Review

This Months theme is “ACCEPTANCE”! How fitting with the world we are living in, it really makes you think. To me we should be celebrating and lifting one another up! We should love ourselves, be accepting of ourselves   and others in the most honest and sincere way possible!

Beauty and success is seen differently in all our eyes. The ability to see beauty in the most unexpected places,  to see ourselves as a part of that beauty in our uniqueness. If we could learn to love and accept ourselves to have the eyes to see the beauty in ourselves described through others eyes !

I am a Vip Member of Miss Blanco Joyful box so some of my items will be different than others.

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Every Month women are featured to celebrate beauty here are the women of November!!


Here is my November Box


Wow So many goodies! And there is my new fave brand Barefoot Venus!!!!! Eeekkkk!! Sorry I just love their stuff!

First item is a Lifestyle item A Fashion Scarf (32.99 CAD)img_1278

Well first impressions are LOVE the colour! I Love Plaid and Love red plaid I believe this item came in blue as well!! This scarf is huge! It is really great quality I can totally see myself using this! It is so surprisingly soft! I have owned scarves similar to this and they were no where near this soft! Perfect timing too with receiving this item, the cold weather has rolled in and this is a needed item. I know there are so many ways you can use these scarves so I’m looking forward to trying them out !  I’m really excited about this item!

Second item is a homemade item a Artisian necklace (20.99 CAD)img_1287

I love this unique heart shaped design! I would only suggest switching to a silver chain type instead of the rope design, only because then I can wear it with anything! I’ve even thought of using it as a charm on a bracelette. I have never received a jewellery item in a subscription box before so I was so pleasantly surprised when I received this beautiful heart necklace! I decided to go the silver chain way and I have received many compliments on my necklace!

The next item I received was Sweet Leilani Mai Tai eyeshadow (14.99 CAD)

I had never heard of this brand before this! I love trying new brands! Canadian! and based out of B.C

I have attatched there story here because wow I was so touched and blown away by the history of this company http://www.sweetleilani.com/brand-story/ . The eye shadow I received is in a lilac colour. It swatches not to bad dry its great for just a hint of colour. When swatched wet wow beautiful bold shimmery colour! I could also totally see myself using this as a highlighter!! Beautiful product! I really need to explore more products from this company! Love the package design as well and a really decent size!

The next items I received were From Barefoot Venus!!!! They are a new love and this brand is my new obsession!!! I am always so excited to receive their items!

First was Barefoot Venus Bath Bliss in Lilly Pilly ($5.50 CAD)

First off look at this packaging!!!!! Soooo pretty! You almost don’t want to open it!

Created WITH:

Epsom Salt

Mango Butter

Palm Kernel Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

     Created WITHOUT:

Mineral Oil


Propylene Glycol

Synthetic Colour

It smells absolutely amazing !!! With the snow hitting hard these days and all the shovelling I’ve been doing this will be a great relaxing reward after all my hard work! The price is so reasonable for the product you receive! This brand never fails! I can never express my love for this company enough! The natural and skin benefits of this product are amazing and your body mind and soul will love you that much more for it!

The next product I received from this company is Barefoot Venus Argan Dry Body Oil ($2.50 CAD)img_1283

I love this little spray bottle!! It’s travel friendly!

Created WITH:

Argan Oil

Apricot Kernel Oil

Meadowfoam Oil

Sesame Seed Oil

Created WITHOUT:

Mineral Oil


Propylene Glycol

Synthetic Colour

With Winter weather here this product is a blessing! My skin’s moisture level is very low and I am a sufferer of very dry itchy skin! I love how its in convenient packaging to take it where ever I go! Just spray away and your moisture deprived skin will love you! It’s a wonderful product and delivers I like a quick spray on my knees and elbows its helps them from getting chalky !

So the next items I received were from a company called Cherish They are new to me I had never heard of them before I received them from Miss Blanco.

This next item I was literally the most excited about!!!! Cherish Body Oil In Bubblegum ($10.00 CAD)img_1284

Yes you heard that right bubblegum!!!!! It smells soooooooooo good!

Organic coconut oil, grapeseed oil & natural flavour oils
 A blend of coconut and grapeseed oil with an oh my goodness try not to eat me aroma!!!!

Cherish’s All Natural Products are formulated without artificial colours, fragrances, or synthetic preservatives. All Cherish’s All Natural Products are NOT tested on animals. Products are also Made in Canada. Its comes in a great sized bottle decent amount for the price, this should last me a little while haha I hope! With that amazing smell it will be difficult to not over due it! Its not too over powering or overly sweet smelling and I like to put this on after my bath as your skin absorbs more benefits with wet skin! I am so glad I have this product to help me get through this winter! I hear it’s going to be a long one!

Last but not least From Cherish is Cherry Lipblam Sweet lips sweetened with stevia ($6.00 CAD)img_1285

Ingredients: beeswax beads, organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, vitamin E, stevia extract powder, natural flavour oils

Its smells amazing ! Like real cherries! Mmmmmm So many wonderful skin benefits in this lipbalm . It feels really nice on my lips I really should be using lip care products more often as I suffer from dry peeling lips all year round but with winter coming my lips suffer even more! I looked on the website and they have a ton of super amazing products!!! Please go have a look! http://www.steviadrops.biz/default.asp

`My VIP items this month a sweet business card holder with Miss Blanco Joyful box engraved on it!! It’s an honour to be able to support such an amazing company!! I also received CND blue glitter nail polish!img_1289

Retail value of regular November products was Approx ($93.00 CAD)


This was such a well thought out box this month really great products with new companies for me to explore and very seasonal as the cold dry weather approaches I will get great use out of all the products I received and I was introduced to new Canadian companies that I may fall in love with!!!

It was a WIN this month!!

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Disclaimer: all products shown and mentioned in my review were purchased myself all views and opinions are my own!