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Welcome back ! Month three of Miss blanco Joyful box is here and that is something to celebrate!!! Feel free to have a look back at my other blogs for the history and launch of Miss Blanco Joyful Box!! Winding down another year, for me was a year of self-discovery! With the holidays here and a New year in the near future there are many things to celebrate! Loving Decembers theme!!

I am a Vip Member of Miss Blanco Joyful box so some of my items will be different than others.

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Please do not purchase this product if you are not a Miss Blanco Joyful box subscriber. The VIP membership is valid for 12 months since you join. If you unsubscribe and join again it will be still valid during those 12 months.

Every Month women are featured to celebrate beauty here are the women of December!img_1625

So Lets get started! Here is my December box!!img_1449

The Artisian Item this month was a Bath Bomb is 4 different scents $7.50 CAD(available at Easy) From sunbasilgarden.com 

I received mine in Sugar cookie!!mmmmmm Its looks fantastic and smells just like cookies! I have a thing for items that look or smell like sweets , an escape away from the harsh winter! Plus smells prove to be the strongest memory triggers so sweets bring me to my love of baking! I am very interested in trying more of this companies products! (with almond oil. Witch hazel, sea salt and kaolin clay amazing skin benefits ) This is the type of indulgence that is safe for the waist line!

The next item I received is an absolutely beautiful stained glass heart shaped pendant/ornament! Pretty smokey purples just stunning! Such a beautiful handmade item! I could totally see myself wearing this even though that may not be its main purpose! Hang in a little girls window just so it adds a pretty sparkle to her room! Get one as a gift to a mother or sister I am so impressed with this item!! It could also be used to hang from your tree!! This item can be found at(www.cratecharms.com) $10 CAD

The beauty item this month were 2 ESSIE nail polishes (gold) and (red) $17 CAD available at most retailers I find this brand on sale mostly at walmart and Pharma plus img_1620

Beautiful choice of colours for the holidays!!! I really liked the smell of the red one for some reason. I did a nail look for Christmas with them but I did not catch a photo in time before the Christmas hustle of cooking and baking started! Love the gold glitter I will have lots of use for that one and who does’t love a red nail! Power red right !! Very professional colour!

Next Beauty items I received were 2 deluxe size samples of Shampoo and conditioner from BAIN DE TERRE $8CADimg_1616

The orange bottle is strengthening conditioner which is perfect for my aging hair and the fact I bleach and colour my hair as often as I do plus with winter here I change my products to help me through the harsh climate and what winter does to my hair. The Purple bottle is colour enhancing shampoo and as I bleach my hair blonde I love using purple shampoo it keeps my blonde clean and fights brassiness. Love the smell of these products!! I am almost out I love them so much I will totally be buying more in the very near future! Great quality brand if you are looking to try something new! You can find them at (www.amazon.com)


My first Lifestyle item is a Gold Gladiator headband $31 CAD(available at www.mosaicbyali.com)img_1618

This is not your ordinary hurts behind the ears headband this head band is gorgeous!! It was so comfortable! I could not believe how well it wore it did not catch in my hair I could wear it for a full day and it did not hurt my head plus come on I felt like an Egyptian princess! I have not wore any type of head bands in years so I was sceptical at first but now I think I was totally inspired to want way more of these for my collection!! Wonderful way to change up your look with little effort! I think this was my favourite items this month to be honest!img_1498


Lastly this was a VIP EXCLUSIVE item this month Gold Scarf  $24CANimg_1617

I love the colour coordination with the headband in this box! Fashion scarves are wonderful! There are so many ways you can use them to change up your look. Gives a very professional look. You can also accessorize with clip flowers or broaches to give a different look ! I call it accessorizing your accessories!!!!img_1595

Total retail value of this box :$73.50 CAN for regular subscribers and $98.49 for VIPSimg_1624

If you are interested in signing up visit https://missblanco.ca

Starting in November, the price of the box will be $38.00 CAD Shipping in Canada is $6 CAD shipping to US has a flat rate of 7 CAD and 15 CAD for rest of countries features. For other items in their online store, shipping is free when you spend 50 CAD or more and 7 CAD for US

If you want to try out this subscription there is a coupon code available right now use MISSBLANCO10 for %10 off your first box. Not ready to commit to a subscription yet? Boxes are available for one-time purchase for the upcoming month(boxes are in the shop now) there are special surprise boxes available that contain fewer items and is less expensive so you can get an idea of what you could receive if you do subscribe.

Disclaimer: all products shown and mentioned in my review were purchased myself all views and opinions are my own!

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  1. Pantene have a new range, micellar cleansing for oily hair, I think it’s fab, no silicone in it but it doesn’t leave my ends dry and frizzy, reasonably priced too and smells lovely.

  2. My big girl has VERY oil hair and we have tried a LOT of products to try to help the problem. So far she is seeing a difference with the L’Oreal clay range (it has to be all 3 steps- just using the shampoo and conditioner wasn’t enough) plus once a week using a Hask hair mask

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