Hi , I’m Michelle my passion in life is beauty from all angles and aspects of life. Survival , self-love, acceptance I started True Canadian Beauty as part of a personal journey in life ! A calling much deeper than what was current in my life at the time( are you feeling that way as well? !  it was then that I realized so many others were on similar journeys and I wanted to be there for them as well ! So I’m here seeing where the road takes me ! I started a Facebook group for Canadian women called True Canadian Beauty for women interested in beauty , support , tips and sharing ! A safe place we can uplift one another ! I also go live on my facebook personal page talking and sharing my story and help others build their lives up!  I am full of information and I’d love to share with everyone! I love my family first! I also love nature, health and food! Im addicted to makeup ( it is a part of how I can escape and be creative! I am a fitness addict and will share my journey and tips with that as well! I love fashion and being bold and brave and just not fitting in a cookie cutter world! I will have get to know me posts so you can ask away! hugs to everyone! lets do this!



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