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IM Natural Mascara Review




Hi and good morning friends!! Winter is finally upon us!! It was kind of beyond fashionably late but its here now. I was approached by a very nice company that offers different mascaras you can find them on amazon . I received 4 to try out! so awesome! I will break down each one and review to let you know what one I loved most! Come on we are allowed to have a favourite! right!


first off is Argan Oil:


Argan oil is naturally rich in Vitamin A and fatty acids. It is a powerful moisturizer and can help eyelashes to be hydrated. All the essential vitamins needed for hair to grow are present in Argan oil and using it daily on your lashes can promote the growth of the eyelash hair.

As I age as well as I have fibromyalgia I notice that my lashes are thinning . This mascara over time has really help nurture and strengthen my lashes . Its a really nice formula and i really love that it has natural ingredients ! I have been really loving trying this mascara.

here is the direct link (I do not get commissions for referrals )

price currently is $11.50 CAN


Next is Almond Oil :

Did you know you can actually grow longer lashes??

Its true.

Almond oil adds shine and luster to hair and eyelashes (not to mention the benefits for skin and health). It nourishes the hair and smooths the cuticles, while making it thick, long and strong after a period of time. It can also prevent your hair from falling out. Using sweet almond oil for eyelash growth is simple. Amazing right???

here is the direct link

it currently priced at $10.90 CAN


Next is Mamey Seed oil:

Mamey fruit helps thicken, strengthen, and condition lashes. Apply a thick, even coat to help your eyelashes become stronger!

This is actually one of my top favourite ones I ave tried so far and I really do notice my lashes getting fuller and stronger the longer I use it! I highly recommend this one!!! Plus I love the brush that comes with this one.

link below

Current price $10.90 CAN


last but not least Avocado Oil :

Avocado has amazing benefits to our health and bodies in general . Our hair is a huge one!! so its no surprise that having it in mascara would have great benefits .

This will stimulate blood flow to your hair follicles, and more nutrients will reach them and then stimulate new growth and healthier eyelashes in general. It also contains a high level of antioxidants and Vitamin E, protecting your eyelashes against environmental stress and damage. sounds crazy incredible right ???

Love this mascara and it is my Favourite!!!! My lashes have never looked better!!! Some times I layer a couple mascaras for extra benefits and for a more dramatic look.

link below

Posted price currently $10.90 CAN



Such a beautiful gift!!! So thankful I got to give these a try!!!

Which one stands out to you the most? Which one do you feel would help you the most??

They all sounds great don’t they!!

So my top 2 are Mamey and Avocado oil !!!!

Thank you to you all for dropping by!!!

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Skin and Hair products my Newest Trials and Reviews

Skin Care and Hair care and my thoughts!




Featured products today Day lotion, Anti-aging night cream, antioxidant gel which I have reviewed before but have found something new out I really wanted to share and Antioxidant  hair serum!

How did these products stand up???? keep reading to find out……..

First off is the day cream what I found very interesting was reading the ingredients first off!! As this product is manufactured in the U.S.A our labelling is a bit different. Something I learned just awhile back that SPF effectiveness is not always stated on label but the ingredients shows the additive that has the sun protection like in this. Zinc oxide benefits include healing epidermal wounds, burns, rashes, skin oiliness, infections and acne. Unlike many chemical sunscreens, zinc oxide protects against UVA and UVB light rays and is often used as a natural, non-toxic sunscreen to prevent burns, signs of photo-aging and irritation.

This cream is amazing every other day cream I have used that had any sun protection in it what so ever always broke down through out the day breaking down my make up and causing my makeup to look thick and oily by mid day. As well as it made my makeup transfer onto everything. This cream absorbs so quickly and feels like it has moisture protection in it as well. I was so surprised how well it handled during the day and it has natural extracts to help combat aging , dryness and oily skin! I am so happy with this product. I will definitely be purchasing this again. i highly recommend this product for those with dry skin issues and oily skin it really helps with everything!!

It can be purchased at or we also sell internationally so if interested contact me and i can direct you! remember to use code 1088290 at checkout this is my personal referral code and it will get you $10 off




The next product up is The night cream…….

You already know how hard it can be to balance combination skin.Its why they designed their  night-time moisturizer for this very reason. It performs the delicate operation of providing crucial overnight hydration. Pure sunflower and chestnut seed extracts enhance skin without upsetting your complexion.

its amazing this cream they must have put a lot of time and research into it because I wake up to pretty amazing skin!!! The products are all cruelty free so I mean thats something to celebrate!! I do use other products along side this cream at night a few serums but tis is become apart of my night time routine!


Last up is the Hair serum

I have bleached very parched hair, I had blue in it recently and I was trying to remove the colour with a process using crushed vitamin C and Head and shoulders. Its very very rough on the hair and after the process even after conditioner it was very difficult to comb.

I have never invested much money in hair products before. i do all my own trimming and colouring and care at home. But I had this hair serum sitting there and I decided hey I can’t comb my hair and it has gotten so long and would have been sad to just rip it all out from frustration of not being able to manage the tangling. I only use a couple pumps and finger combed it through my hair as best as possible . I use a hair pick comb when my hair is under this much stress to not further damage my hair. My hair did not go oily what so ever and I was able to comb my hair out quite easily and it was left soft. I love this product so much!!!! It is a holy grail hair product for sure and I would highly highly recommend it! It has super wow factor!!!If you have really hard to manage hair that is super parched this product is a must try and must have! same for this item please use code 1088290 for your $10 off your first order!

I wanted to go back to these two items!!! I always like to use products for a few days with my makeup application and see how it reacts

I use these every single day before I apply my makeup!!! I use the moisturizer first and follow with the serum. I use the serum as my primer before I apply my foundation. Both products absorb very quickly and help my makeup stay on all day. The serum fights oil for me so I do not get the mid day greasy shine. I cannot talk high enough about both these products and they are a must have. The are very very reasonably priced !

These are my current foundations I have been using the most during then testing.

Everyday they are apart of my every day skin prep for my makeup!!!

leave a comment below if you have any questions 🙂


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Cleanse, Revive, Exfoliate


Cleanse Revive Exfoliate

I recently was introduced to a clean living company called Modere. They are all about health and wellness and clean products.

I am always searching and testing new skin care products and personal care products . I am in the middle of the testing of quite a few of their skincare line but I have been using these three products for a couple weeks now! lets see how they stood up to my reviews!!!!



First I want to talk about the cleanser. I wear a lot of makeup!! I wear a lot of long wearing waterproof makeup! I find that at the end of the day when I am ready to wash my face my typical procedure as I call it takes me quite a few steps for removal. I use usually a makeup wipe to get started, then a eye makeup remover of my choice(I own quite a few) My makeup then I use a face wash or oil cleanser . They are like considered melting balms and they can work quite well depending on how much and what type of makeup you use. My face usually takes three washes to get everything off. I follow up with my toner of the day depending on my skin care needs. Well I have come up with something I call the “Toner Test”, many toners available seem to have a impurity remover quality to them to remove anything left over and prep your face for your creams and serums. Well up till now it has been quite difficult to find a cleanser that passes that test. I use a cotton round and use that to apply my toner. 9x out of 10 the amount of stuff that is taken off and left on the cotton round is astonishing!!! I suffer from break outs and skin issues already to begin with. Having all this left over gunk on my face is just making it worse plus having all that on my face is not allowing my other skin treatments to work properly. Well this product passed the test. I was shocked !!! It is totally clear looks kind of like a gel and no scent! I washed my face this time no wipes no pre steps at all!! I really wanted to see what this stuff could do!! I washed my face and followed with my toner and the wipe was practically white!!!!! Seriously???? wow!!!  so impressed!!!

retail Value is $15.99 which is very reasonable and for me considering it saves me from buying all those pre prep products.

  • Gently yet effectively cleanses skin of dirt and oil.
  • Formulated with rich plant essences to retain skin’s moisture.
  • Reveals a fresh, clean complexion without irritating skin.

Not all cleansers are created equal. Modere Cleanser for Combination Skin not only effectively and gently washes away contaminants and removes excess oil – it cleans without stripping your skin of essential moisture or irritating it with harsh chemicals, thanks to our unique concoction of naturally rich plant essences. It’s great for sensitive skin too.

I highly recommend this product!!!


Next up is the Antioxidant Gel

I have been using this product twice a day for almost two weeks now.

A custom vitamin smoothie featuring vitamins A, C, and E, designed to protect, and brighten your visage.

My thoughts???

First off it smells great!!! It has a very unique citrus scent but it is uplifting ! I especially love it in the morning helps wake me up and brighten my morning. I gotta say though it has one very unique thing about it that I was very shocked about. First off it goes on so smooth and makes your skin so smooth after applying but it was the texture of the product that had me curious. It reminded me of primer! My face primer I use before I apply my makeup. So I decided hey I will try this without primer and see how it holds up! It is amazing!!! I don’t get greasy throughout the day, my makeup stays in tact and my skin holds in its moisture better as well. It has helped me skin tone and over all health of my skin. This is now a permanent addition to my daily skincare prep routine. I love this product so much !!! I highly highly recommend it! It to me is a multi purpose product and I need more of those !

retail price is $33.99 which is great for an all in one product for me!


Last but not least is the Exfoliate

  • Sweeps away dead skin cells and surface impurities without primitive scrubbing or harsh enzymatic chemicals.
  • Massages and polishes skin surface with jojoba beads, olive oil and amino acids, leaving it smooth and luminous.
  • Cleans deep and hidden dirt from the pores with mild, amphoteric surfactants that don’t disrupt individual moisture levels.
  • Conditions, refines, and refreshes the skin while tightening pores, reorienting the complexion as a neutral, healthy looking moisture receptor.
  • Dermatologist tested.

Modere Exfoliant gently sweeps away dead skin cells and surface impurities, leaving skin smooth and luminous. Featuring a unique blend of natural bamboo, jojoba beads, and prickly pear, this natural, new generation clarifier conditions, tones, and tightens pores, reorienting the complexion and rejuvenating skin, leaving it in a receptive, balanced state.

This product was very different for me as I am used to using exfoliating products that have more micro beads and feels a bit more abrasive as in like it will remove more dead skin. But what I have found more recently and becoming more popular are ingredients that exfoliate without being abrasive to the skin. People with skin issues like rosacea , hyper pigmentation, skin sensitivities and for leaving redness on your face are highly affected and bottom line sanding , polishing your face over time is really not good for it. It can cause damage to the skins very fragile layers.  I usually use this when I have a bath. It leaves my skin feeling very nice. No strong scent to this product either if really any at all! I have used it a few times along with my pumice stone on my feet as well. It keeps my face feeling soft and refreshed ! I like knowing the face that the less dead skin cells on my face the better all my skincare works as well. I want to test this product for a few more days adding in a few more of the companies skin care line including the day and night moisturizers.

retail value is $17.99

Well there you have it!!! I am most excited about the Cleanser and Antioxidant Gel… they are my favs so far!!!

You can also get the Cleanser and Exfoliate in a skin care pack for $29.99


Please visit for more info and to view the full line of Beauty , household and health items

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